Organique bed

That product fits interiors with character. Never ever use it in typical rooms! Organique bed needs space and appropriate surrounding. It’s all because its wild soul and design nature. Use your imagination and compose it with concreate, steel, handbrushed wood.

transparent headrest in organique bed
Kolekcja Organique - designerskie meble do sypialni - Gie El

Create your bed

Colour, size, headbords - it's up to you

Three sizes to fit your needs

Choose your color

With or without headboards?

Two transparent headboards and set of wooden plugs are included. You can change height of headboards depending on your needs, differently for each side of bed. Of course you could use wooden plugs to have a bed without headboard. Changing height of headboard is pretty simple and you can do it at any moment you want to.


You can use fitting plug if you don’t need headboard.


If you place headboard horizontally – you will get height of 30 cm.

Gie El łóżka do sypialni łóżko ORGANIQUE bed bedroom


When you put headboard vertically, height will be 50 cm.

Meet the whole family

Kolekcja Organique - Gie El

Safe shipping to any place in the world

Kolekcja Organique - Gie El

The ORGANIQUE bed is sent in a wooden box to ensure the safety of each element. Thanks to this, your new bed will be delivered to you in perfect condition.

free delivery in Europe

securely packed product

shipping to any place in the world

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